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Sis is a serendipitous, scary and smooth combustion between Jenny Gillespie Mason (voice, synth, guitar, piano), Rob Shelton (synth, vocals, programming, piano), Carly Bond (electric guitar, synth, vocals, bass clarinet) Joseph Adamik (drums, bass clarinet, marimba,) Andrew Maguire (drums, marimba,) Jamie Riotto (bass, synth). Sis began as a spontaneous shedding/sculpting session of songwriting and recording between former folkie Gillespie Mason, with a handful of her compositions begun on the OP-1 synth, and producer Shelton, a longtime engineer at Tiny Telephone in San Francisco and Oakland. From there, the spectres of Steve Reich, Frank Ocean, Radiohead, Kate Bush, D'Angelo, Amy Winehouse and Fleetwood Mac began to seep into the making. Their first album Euphorbia was born in a slow frenzy of true experimentation and joyful discernment, and is now out on Native Cat.






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directed by Marisa Gesualdi 

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